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The Inspiration Behind Full Moon in Cancer

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

First I want to introduce the first in this years line of Full moon inspired candles. As a creator I’ve always been most inspired during the full moons, which was how Full Moon Creations came to life. My Full Moon Magic candle was the first candle I created after an intentional full moon meditation. My goal this year with the rebrand was to create a candle for each full moon of the year. I started with the last full moon of 2020, Full Moon in Cancer, which just happened to be Jonah’s sign. If you are new to this journey with me Jonah was my little brother who we lost in January of last year to suicide. So this candle was created to honor his life and love of the ocean.

All of my full moon candles will be created after an intentional meditation under that full moon. I use a mix of oracle, tarot and intuition to guide these meditations. During December’s full moon I pulled the Black Tourmaline card from Maia Toll’s “ The Illustrated Crystallary.” This card spoke of transforming energy into something new. Changing one form of energy into something different, into something unseen. This made me feel incredibly close to Jonah, knowing his energy, while not physically here is still all around me in different and unseen ways. So of course the crystal accompanying this candle had to be a beautiful chunk of Black Tourmaline.

I also took inspiration from many of my other decks including Yasmin Boland’s “Moonology” deck. The Full Moon in Cancer card speaks of the constant undercurrent of memory and past that surrounds us. To me this was the final inspiration I needed to create this candle. Because this was Jonah’s moon I dove deep into some of my favorite memories with him, and watching him in the ocean was something that stood out in my mind. He was always a water baby and had no fear of the ocean. So I made the candle smell like standing on the beach, smelling the ocean air and waves and watching my sweet baby brother play in the water. While on a recent trip to the ocean, I hand picked shells to adorn this candle. Putting all of these components together, Full Moon in Cancer was born, in memory of this sweet face.

Many Blessings,


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