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The Inspiration Behind Full Moon in Libra

As always the full moon is never one to be underestimated or assumed. This full moon was absolutely no exception. I think this moon taught me to finally stop trying to assume what the message of the moon will be and just be open to receive.

This was an incredibly empowering full moon for me personally. The message seemed to be directed right at my innermost soul. My divine feminine.

The general message of this pull was to focus on what bring us pleasure and enjoyment and to focus on that.

The Nectar card speaks of the medicine or the garden. It is telling us to relish in places, people and activities that heal our souls. The card itself is full of beautiful feminine imagery. The rose petals opening up to allow in the joy of those things that heal us.

Next up was the Garden Quartz card from my Crystallary deck. The garden quartz reminds us that there are entire worlds within us. One thing that really stood out to me was the message that YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE OF YOU. We are magic and stardust and we need to remember that which resides within us, like the inclusions in the garden quartz. This was also the tumbled stone included in the box this month. I loved intuitively picking out the stones for each soul to receive. A quote in the handbook that i really loved was “ The more I feel imperfect the more I feel alive”- Jhumpa Lahiri. I loved that message that just being ourselves, human and imperfect, is exactly what we were created for.

The Reishi card was another empowering message. It tells us to Defy Gravity and transform ourselves from the inside out. Find your inner strength and use that to allow transformation to occur within your life.

My favorite card of the whole pull and my biggest inspiration behind the candle was the five of vessels, which speaks of ecstasy. Your energy is renewed by enjoying the cosmic life force. The fusing of spiritual being with a loving universal mind elevates the soul to the space between spaces. You are being called to connect to your inner divine self and allow for a sacred trance of enlightening ecstasy. I interpreted this message as a need for us to connect to our inner divine feminine selves, as we all hold feminine and masculine energy equally. I chose scents that were associated with being aphrodisiac, blood orange and pomegranate. I felt like these scents would allow us to take a moment and connect with that enlightened ecstasy, which can be brought upon by music, art, love, dancing or anything that brings your spirit pure joy.

I made this candle red to symbolize that inner passion for ourselves that modern society sometimes tries to squash. They are all topped with pomegranate seeds, blood oranges and rose quartz which is the stone of self love.

My hope is that this months candle along with the wildflower bath tea gives you a moment to COME HOME TO YOURSELF and find that passion that keeps us all thriving.

Many Blessings,


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