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The Inspiration Behind Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo was such a grounding and spiritual experience for me. I came into it feeling very grounded and centered which isn’t very normal for me on full moon days. The full moons normally give me a lot of energy that can sometimes be chaotic, but not this one. One of first cards i pulled was the Full Moon in Gemini from my Moonology Deck. The message of this card is that the answers you need are coming. It tells us to speak our truth but being mindful of what we say because WORDS HAVE POWER.

One of the main cards from this reading that I took inspiration from for this candle was The World Tree from my Wildwood Tarot. The theme of this card is to respect and honor the cycles of life, the seasons of life. Life and everything in it is a journey, like the labyrinth on the card we must continue moving to reach our final goal. This card speaks of the end of a journey and a beginning of a new journey. This card wants us to become one with the wholeness of the universal mind.

When cards jump out at me or fall out of the deck when I‘m shuffling, I take that to mean those messages are meant for me. So during this pull two cards from my Herbiary deck fell out of my hand so I turned them over and as always I was in awe at how in tune they were to my other readings. Nettle tells us to pause and pay attention to what is around us. Enjoy where you are at in your journey. Notice who or what may have become invisible to you on your passage. Next was Elderberry, which REALLY spoke to me alongside The World Tree. Elderberry represents the cycles of life as the Mother Maiden and Crone. She is a Maiden in the spring with her beautiful flowering stage. Mother in the summer with her branches full of berries. Crone in the autumn and winter when her leaves fall away and she goes dormant. Once spring comes back around you’ll once again see her flowers dance.

In this candle it was very evident to me that I should represent the four seasons so i went with a topping of clear quartz for winter, peridot for spring, nettles for summer and carnelian for autumn. I wanted it to be a very grounding scent as this message was very centering for me. It was scented with Rosemary and Sage and colored the lightest green.

My hope is that this candle reminds you to stay present in your current journey. Stay grounded and focus on the path that lies ahead, while still enjoying the moment you are in.

Many Blessings,


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