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Inspiration behind Full Moon in Leo

Our last full moon was January 28th and my goodness did she teach me a lesson I needed to hear! I went into my mediation expecting a fiery message, with the moon being in Leo, but once again I was given the message I needed, not what was expected. With January 5th being the one year anniversary of losing Jonah, the beginning of the year was extremely hard for me and I had been holding a lot of tension within myself. It became very clear through my card pulls that releasing this tension and energy was important.

My first card i pulled was from my Moonology deck and it was the Waning Moon. The message I received was that it was safe to let go of the emotions I have been holding on to. The theme of the waning moon is “What do you need to release?” This card really began the meditation with the knowledge that the main energy I wanted to put into this candle was the releasing of heavy energy and emotions.

The next cards I pulled were from Maia Toll’s herbiary and crystallary decks. If you haven’t checked out these decks I HIGHLY recommend them. The artwork is stunning and they are wonderful starting decks to anyone who may be starting out in oracle or tarot pulling. The messages of these cards I pulled again confirmed for me the message this sweet moon was bestowing on me. Precious Opal is telling us to envision our future. Opals are my absolute favorite crystal because of how magical and full of life they are. You can see the opals floating on the water and this is inviting us to go with the flow of life. Fluidity allows us to explore new ways of being. The second card I pulled was Valerian a card I find comes up in my pulls a lot, and for good reason. The main message of this card is TO REST! This card offers us the wisdom to know when to release the rigid tension in our bodies and to relax, without guilt.

The last card I pulled was from the WildWood Tarot deck was the four of bows which was a beautiful ending to the meditation. This card was all about celebrating life and where you are right now and was has brought you to this moment. It told me that relaxing is valuable and that it is a necessary part in the healing process for your spirit. These cards were telling me that I needed to take time to relax and release what was holding me back from being present for my life.

So all of these cards were very clear in their message and I wanted to translate that into a unique candle. Lavender is my favorite scent when looking for relaxation but I wanted to add something that would help facilitate the releasing of emotions that no longer serves us. Juniper berry is a scent that helps us in the releasing of energy that doesn’t promote healing so I thought that would be a perfect combination of relaxation and release. I topped these candles with opalite to represent the Opal card I pulled. They are also topped with lavender and juniper berries harvested from my home and colored with the slightest hint of lavender.

My hopes is that this candle will help you harness the energy of that Full Moon in Leo and release that which no longer serves your higher purpose.

Many Blessings,


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