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Scent List


Our Signature Scents

Below you’ll find a list of our signature scents that we carry all year long. These scents are able to be used in custom candles as well! 

Scent list

Best Sellers

Full Moon Magic- Juniper Sage Dahlia

Don’t Worry Be Happy- Sage Hemp BlackBerry

Prehnite- Peppermint Eucalyptus

Moonstone- Plum Cherry Vanilla

Amethyst- Lavender Orange

Carnelian- Cedarwood Vanilla

Chakra Collection

Root- Vetiver Oakmoss 

Sacral- Orange Blossom Neroli Jasmine

Solar Plexus- Chamomile Lemon Juniper

Heart- Geranium Sweet Marjoram

Throat- Eucalyptus Basil

Third Eye- Palo Santo Laurel Orange Blossom

Crown- Frankincense Sandalwood Lavender

Element Collection

Fire- Blood Orange Basil Sage

Water- Sea Salt Orchid Eucalyptus

Earth- Rosemary Patchouli Cedarwood

Air- Lavender Lemongrass

Mythology Collection

Persephone- Blood Orange Pomegranate 

Hades- Whiskey Smoke Leather

Hermes- Frankincense Myrrh

Selene- Moonflower Starfruit Ocean Air

Nyx- Moonflower Jasmine

Erebus- Dark Musk Cedarwood Amber

Tarot Collection

Pocket of Vines- Myrrh Cinnamon Orange

The Solitary Retreat- Coffee Sandalwood Leather

The Flame- Grapefruit Sweetgrass Violet

The Fertile Crone- Pomegranate Fig Jasmine

The Apparition- Sage Mandarin Frankincense 

The Persevered- Vetiver Cedarwood Sandalwood

The Witch- Bergamot Eucalyptus Lemon

Lord Of The Rings

One Ring- Smoked Cinnamon

Shire- Fresh Grass Tobacco Cedarwood

Rivendell- Lilac Juniper Jasmine

Healing Of Eowyn- Athelas Snow Sea Foam

Harry Potter

Butterbeer- Butterscotch Bourbon

Dobby’s Sock- Fresh Linen

Sorting Hat- Teakwood Leather

Forbidden Forest- Juniper Alpine Balsam

*Bookish candle scents can be found on individual listing*

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