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The Solitary Retreat (The Hermit)

The Solitary Retreat (The Hermit)

Coffee leather and sandalwood

These candles are a collaborative collection between nevada Buckley and myself to bring to life her Pocket of Vines tarot deck

Scent Stories by @rhombusbooks

A perfectly made cup of coffee. Steam rising lazily from your favorite mug. Padding quietly through the house, your bare feet barely making a sound. The quiet and stillness of early morning. No one else is awake. The creak of the floorboards. Leather bound books adorning wooden shelves. Your current read propped on your lap. Burrowed into a blanket on the couch, the pillows squashed just right. The soft thump of a wagging tail as you shift positions. Or a rumbling purr as a tail flicks. The tug to pull a sweater sleeve down to cover your hands. A perfectly broken in leather bag. No where else you should be. Nothing else you should be doing. A slow day at home. This is time for you. To focus on your needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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