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Heart Chakra Candle

Heart Chakra Candle

This candle is created to help soothe and heal the heart chakra. This candle is scented with sweet marjoram and geranium to help open yourself to love and compassion. It is adorned with aventurine, mugwort and rose petals.

Scent Stories by @rhombusbooks

Soft, floral and herbal.

Flowers in a vase. A bit of sharpness and green herbs for balance. The touch of cashmere or a worn cardigan. Soft piano music. Shutting your eyes. Stillness. Restful sleep. Crushed petals. Dried herbs hanging. Rose Quartz and Aventurine.

Gentle. Light, but also a bit heady. Clean. Airy. Green.

Our hearts are capable of great things. They are strong, enduring. They have to be because love is a powerful thing. But at times they also feel tender, fragile. This scent feels like a hand placed over your heart. A whisper of “its going to be okay.’ A soft-spoken reassurance.

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